We just don’t seem to get enough of the grins and chuckles provided by our surreptitious visitors, especially those that sneak in for late-night dining.  One of the raccoon families is incredibly faithful in their patronage and they pass the word, sometimes to their own chagrin as when the javelina show up.

In addition to all the fun, we are receiving a side order of little-known ornithological data . . . did any of you know that while both healthy and not-so-healthy (our Skinny man) raccoons won’t deign to touch a KFC french fry or biscuit, other less discriminating diners adore them.  This packrat made off with a 5” high pile of french fries, carefully stowing them in a dozen locations under the honey shack over the period of an hour or so, and the birds took care of the unwanted biscuits.

Joining in the fun at a later ‘seating’ we have a couple other camps represented.

In the immortal words of our new helper Elisa, “Party at TSH!!!!!!!”

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