Every week our arrival at the food bank is filled with anticipation and surprise as we never know what has made its way to us.  Some items are always in short supply and eggs are nearly at the top of the list.  You can imagine our amazement when our helper Elisa called from her other place of employment where she is on an internship at a local sustainable farm asking if we might accept some of their TRULY cage-free eggs from free-range GLORIOUSLY HAPPY HENS!  Jumping at every and all opportunities, I didn’t ask the first question before I said absolutely yes.  She indicated she would deliver ta’boot! 

Little did I know the site that awaited in our food bank frig . . . 48 DOZEN of these brown beauties 20 dozen of which already went to the food bank and were gone within minutes.

We set about making 40 burritos with refried beans and chicken and only used 3 dozen eggs so we have a long and yummy path ahead of us.  This is what one of our freezers looks like AFTER we have done our weekly cook-a-thon.