February 1, 2022, marked the beginning of the Chinese New Year which is the Year of the Water Tiger, spelling grand and glorious  import for my home for this year – big yeas and ferocious anticipation. This part of this month has seen us working mightily on diverse planes inside and out. Thanks to the generosity of our neighbors Nancy and Steve, we were gifted 20 pounds of pasta for our food bank endeavors – very wonderful. Read on to have a firsthand look at what a mere 8 pounds of pasta looks like and the size pot required to cook it!

8 lbs. of pasta
What to do next

As we move forward (and we really are making limited but important and consistent progress) on fixing our garden garage, a couple of pesky paradise trees and the remaining reconstruction debris needed to be gone.

Next step before
Next step after

Maintaining our driveway aka Hill St. is an everlasting endeavor requiring enduring cognizance and diligence. We needed some gravel and sand to temporarily shore up in front of our garden garage fix and so pothole elimination maintenance immediately came to mind. While little more than a band aid, we are faithful to keeping our precious cobblestone lane in as tiptop of shape as we can.

Ready to spread
No more potholes
Potholes away