As the nights grow colder, our furry friends are busier than ever getting their good eats as you can see in the antics of the acrobatic youngster above. Also, in the ever-continuing saga of the perils of our raccoon friend Skinny, we were dismayed that even with his scrambled eggs inside his straw-filled house, he wasn’t going in. It occurred to us that perhaps the straw was scratchy on his poor little basically hairless body so we dropped back and punted.  We replaced the straw with his rug that is drenched with his scent along with a fuzzy blanket in hopes it would lure him into warmth and softness.  Finally, we prevailed at least for a moment.

The next thing we knew, Skinny had a visitor.

Then, he got run off when mom and the three kids descended having discovered his secret stash.  In some areas of the country this could be called breaking and entering!

Is there such a thing as over-succeeding?

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