During the beginning of a long, hot summer, we look for and relish our little miracles and pleasures where we can. Miss Fiona Scritchies Papillon has established a drive-in theatre vantage point (replicating her time at Allen’s when we left the cat video channel on for her in our absence but this time for REAL) behind the honey shack from which she can monitor all feeding station visitors. According to the one image, she has also honed her rappelling skills!

We have seen so few doves this year, we are excited at any arrival or landing.

After the heart-wrenching disappearance of our beloved Nathan Annabelle Jasmine Lane back in the middle of December, we have continued to trip over the hole that little dude left on our hearts and in our days. Recently, we were blessed with the arrival of a new member of Andrea’s (and Allen’s) ark who we all believe to be our little boy making his way home to us albeit in a different form. May I introduce (nathan) Braveheart Primo, all of 8 weeks old, who was abandoned 3 weeks ago in a lidded box at the #1 Store (hence the nickname Primo) and roughly inscribed with “free mouse trap.”

While we surely were not in search of another feline, this little kid burst on the scene and kidnapped us to the last one. The first words tumbling out of Alysa’s mouth upon meeting him were, “he’s an angel!”  Help us remember that over the next several months of kittenhood, teething, and the zoomies! He has crazy hair like his predecessor and is full of the proverbial piss and vinegar.

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