As I was huffing my way up the Reunited Resurrection garden steps after my run, look at what opened my eyes! Randy the cactus has NEVER made so many blooms all at once and there is one more to come!

All at once 1
All at once 2
All at once 3

I was so exhilarated I had to dash around to see all the other delights.

Taking off
White ruffles
First lily
Roses 1
Roses 3
Roses 4
Chive blossoms 1
Chives 2
Wild roses

Aren’t we all given the opportunity to bloom where we land?  Here are some adorable violas that decided to plant themselves in a crack in the concrete hugged up next to a youngster hollyhock at the base of the front steps – great bedfellows, right?

Volunteer 1

Our survival teenager (maybe that is redundant?) catalpa overnight is popping into leaf and bloom and the front porch clematis seems to have a crush on the prickly plant of good fortune.  Don’t we all want to cozy up to good fortune?

Catalpa 1
Catalpa 2
Catalpa 3
Clematis and friend
Clematis cozy with good fortune

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