With the autumn equinox upon us things are shifting and changing in our outside world. Spider Lady preps her dindin and the night-blooming cereus gives us her last show of the season.

wasp dinner
Cereus 1
Cereus 2

At the feeding station up behind us, it’s quite the social gathering.

A meeting of something

The scene changes as our raccoon youngsters are feeling their oats. Joshua had a notion that our raised veggie beds located on the Chauffeur’s Quarters balcony had experienced some visitors so we moved one of our cameras to see what we might see. Sure enough, a couple of the kiddos investigated the beds and the watering system, one being comfy enough do a little primping midst noshing. Very adorable actually and how full of themselves in maybe 4 short weeks.

Night time bath
Night time bath 2
Night time bath 3
Night time bath 4

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