As we continue to work on restoring our garden garage and its 104-year-old doors, we found the culprits – infamous paradise tree roots – of the concrete lifting/heaving that apparently began many years ago and all of which had to be mitigated before we could productively move to reconstruct.

Pouring footer
Setting the footer

Now we begin the framing which means we need to drill through the existing exterior wall and the main garage wall.

Squaring up
Tough drilling

Another QUELLE SURPRISE! As we dismantled and salvaged the pieces and parts of our project, we saw the underbelly of the work of our friends the carpenter bees. Actually, this piece of wood weighed a fraction of what its former, solid self was. We shall be re-creating and replacing these decorative pieces, using a good old one as the pattern.

Bees bes busy

Next comes the header and talk of prep for framing in the window above the original garage doors.

Hefting the header
Levelling the header

With this major milestone in our reconstruction nearing completion, we store the doors back ‘home’, skinned the framing and prepare for the next steps. We also scored a couple of amazing period windows from Al at The Clubhouse that may be able to be used as we move along – thanks and go Al go!

Doors back home
Ready for hanging
Window above doors