Nearly anyone who has visited The Surgeon’s House knows that the current owner is absolutely over-the-moon gaga for all things PENCILS and she is not alone.  Did you realize that each year March 30 is National Pencil Day and rightly so!  In 1858 Hyman Lipman got a patent to affix an eraser at the end of a pencil – what a saving grace for folks like me.  In my dining room I have an assortment of antique pencils (when they were used as advertising tools) framed on the current version of kindergarten learn-to-print fat lined paper.

2021 saw the day commemorated in a really special way when I received my very own pencil painting from our beloved friend and collaborator, Kim Smerek.  Notice the card is written in pencil and the heart at the top is pierced with not an arrow but – you guessed it – a pencil.

I believe Kim’s pencil painting and card have found a permanent resting place near their antique relatives.  Next time you can, use a pencil!