As the weather continues to cool we have redoubled our attempts to help Skinny the hairless raccoon with food and hopefully some shelter.  Our first ‘perfect’ location was tucked in a mountain nook and between the Chauffeur’s Quarters and the honey shack.  We were all agog hoping to see Skinny find his new home but wait . . .

Not only did this resourceful pig find and eat all the food, but he also moved in and then . . .

That is the absolute limit that we even caught him dozing in Skinny’s digs.  Okay we dropped back with a plan b to move the igloo INSIDE the pig-proof fence.

We observed that Skinny didn’t seem to be finding the food there and no one was entering but then we saw Skinny drinking out of a pot on the front porch so, we decided to move the food to outside the atrium door.

Skinny ate all the food offerings and even settled in to groom himself and peek in the atrium door when another country, Jemima Pearl, was heard from looking for leftovers.

We may not be invincible but we are not easily defeated so we devised a plan c for Skinny.

The first couple of nights we were delighted to see Skinny eating like a champ and drinking and on the third night what a reward – he came with a friend and decided to check out the igloo – yea!

As is always the case at The Surgeon’s House, we strive to offer a full and well-rounded buffet including scrambled eggs, chicken patties, ultra hi-protein cat food and a finger bowl.  Who wouldn’t want to eat here?  Stay tuned.

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