Sneak Peek & Surprise

Regrettably, we are woefully absent images of our decorating frenzy with so many new hands-on deck but we wanted to share just a sneak preview before we reveal the end result.

Decorating blocks
Chandelier bows

A most unexpected surprise from our friend, Vicki, was unequivocally the highlight of the season and perhaps the highlight of a lifetime!  Her only hint was there was something on its way and given patience is not my long suit, man oh man what an arduous wait! Imagine our anticipation and sheer dumbfoundedness to receive another Vicki Day creation. Pictures do not begin to show you the magnificence so be prepared to be amazed when you see it in person.

Oh boy
The book
Beyond words

On your next visit be certain to read the upcoming story about the meaning and construction of this masterpiece. Look for it to come January 2022 in The Is Your Life The Surgeon’s House.

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