Dale Carnegie had not one living thing on our Ann, manager of the food bank. When Ann calls ‘suggesting/pleading’ that surely we could find something to do with 3 cases of tomatoes that are heading south before next week, we are hard-pressed to deny her. In concert with our abundant basil crop (vast quantities of pesto are in the offing) we are trying our hand at making artisan tomato juice.

Tomatoes 1
Almost juice
Almost juice 1

As with all cutting-edge technology, we have a fallback plan if the juice is a stinker . . . the redirected battle cry will be ‘red sauce here we come!’

Blending 1
Blending 2

The preliminary taste test revealed the need for more basil so we made a slurry and think maybemaybemaybe we have it.

Basil slurry

One last taste test after it cooled here are our 48 offerings packaged as we contemplate the addition of vodka to make this an adult bev . . . hmmmmmmmmmm!

48 strong
48 strong 1