We have been experiencing a persistent absence of clarity in the lower pond in spite of our best treatment efforts. We appreciate that it is summer and that pond now gets increased sunshine since we rebuilt of bamboo palapa cover but we also were keen on the numbers and sizes of fishes in that pond. Our instincts were that we had exceeded our # of fishes/lbs. of poop/cubic ft/filtration rate ratio so we elected to move three of the larger guys to the upper pond where they would also have far more living and navigation space. In return, five smaller-ish folks moved into the lower. Corralling these dudes requires we lower the pond level and work quickly as they are not what one might call cooperative travelers.

We employed a large net and a Rubbermaid bin as they are quite strong and a fouled struggle could end up with someone falling to the ground and being injured.

Joshua manned the inside-the-pond position while I managed the carrier and the net. One-by-one everyone was happily and safely re-homed. We shall see if this positively affects the lower pond water quality.

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