We are nearly irrepressible with the arrival today of our ravens for the Reunited Resurrection garden stairway. We had envisioned one of them on the new handrail extension but when we evaluated placement, it was not to be as the more perfect perches immediately presented themselves. We simply couldn’t wait to ‘home’ them – one along the top fence and the other halfway down the staircase.

Raven 4
Raven 5
Raven 3
Raven 1

With that guy firmly perched we moved down the stairs.

Raven down 3
Raven down 2
Upper raven
Lower raven

With our feathered folks having ‘flown’ all the way from their Canadian artist/creator all fat and happy, next week, Joshua will simply set to creating a metal curlieque in the genre of the ones near the gate for the original intended perch.

Look at our steadfast first arrival for winter’s cold glory. The white variety are always in bloom weeks before their cousins.

Hellies 1
New hellie