Once again Joshua and I enjoyed the good fortune of an opportunity to hang the ‘gone fishin’ sign and trekked to Phoenix where we honed our koi-herding and transporting skills, returning with 8 glorious beauties! Their cognizance of the import of the nets is incredible so after the first swipe or two, it’s all over but the crying and laughing and splashing.

Fishing 1
Fishing 2
Fishing 3
Fishing 4
Fishing 5

You might recall that the finned folks travel first class in large Tupperware bins for the ride home – these guys had worn themselves out in the scurry of the netting and then the stress of the small quarters.  One took up residence in the lower pond, six in the upper, and one tubby goldfish in the lily trough.

Newbies 1
Newbies 2
Newbies 3
Newbies 4
Newbies 5

We caught this night-time view of one of our ‘flying fish.’

Ester Williams

Before we take leave of our outside family, look what our young queen Farron allowed us to steal from her today   . . . both her girls and Lizette’s crowd have been so busy with pollen panties that they had completely built out their boxes and filled the lid with HONEY-DRENCHED COMB!

The harvest of summer

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