No sooner had Joshua and Andrea relocated four finned fatties from the lower to the upper pond than they received a last minute plea from Ann, our holiday decorating guru, asking if we could take her little menagerie of finned folks that simply weren’t thriving in the Phoenix heat. Of course the answer was a resounding YES and open arms. Our 17 new little finnies arrived in two Rubbermaid containers of water and although not large, man, is water heavy.

We evaluated who should be in which pond and decided that the 10 smallest should be in the lower pond and the remaining larger seven people should be moved to the upper, including Dracula.

Then off we went to deliver the remaining seven into their new luxury mansion.

Can you even begin to imagine how their world has changed from being in a small bath tub in 116 degree weather to 1200 and 2500 gallon worlds? Within 24 hours everyone had acclimated, no injuries, and they had schooled up and were eating like champs – hip hip hooray!

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