One of the most magical aspects of The Surgeon’s House grounds are the critters with whom we co-habit and don’t always see. So, we spy on them with our motion-activated cameras. Pretty tricky, eh? Actually, the images we enjoy afford us another dimension of life here in general but especially up at the feeding station which is not available to our guests – dicey and unsafe navigation for you folks.

A monarch paused to enjoy the blooms on one of our fruit trees.

Bud and butterfly 2
But and butterfly 1

The squirrels and chipmunks are out in droves but we were shocked to see this one monster guy who apparently has been noshing mightily to have built up this form . . .

Big squirrel 1
Big cheeks big squirrel
Big squirrel 2
Chunky monkey

Somehow I simply can’t resist our feathered folks landing and taking off 100’s of times every day.

Another landing

As March leaves us, HERE COMES APRIL and just look at our little wee natural bouquet and if you look closely at those darned raised veggie beds, you will see tons of new seedlings sprouting. Let the growing begin!

Blooming little friends
We're growing now

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