Labor Day and September find us moving forward smartly with our roof-top raised bed veggie garden, and now we are really going to have to work . . . hefting gravel and three types of dirt to be mixed, then BUCKETS OF WORMS. This task requires smart thinking, planning, and conscriptees! Did we mention a pully system?

Before we begin with the dirt, we wanted to make a small and inconspicuous gate in the fence with a key-lock – safety first always.

Now we are ready to fill the boxes.

. . . And here we are . . .

Finally for our convenience – garden wheels and we are ready to plant.

I am tickled at this vision and hope that the results will warrant our devotion and attention as it will be more work and vigilance but what a reward.  And we shall plant tall and vining stuff on the sides (view protection).  I planted a bunch more lettuce and carrots today.  We will tweak the ergonomics and at-hand supplies as we work it.  I’m excited and we have already planned on netting tents to ‘hopefully’ keep out the munching critters.