Our holiday preparations took one gargantuan leap forward with a LONG OVERDUE visit with our co-creator Miss Vicki Day. We surely don’t want to give you more than just a teaser, but the fun and love of this visit and gifting of not just one but TWO of her miraculous creations demanded to be shared. While Vicki and the in-house TSH crew work together many times weekly, we have not seen our dear friend in 3 years so there was much to catch up with and plenty of laughs and tears.

Unveiling 1
Unveiling 2
Uncropped 3
Unveiling 4

Of course, there was an inhouse joke about why we have two stockings – ask me when you visit.

Secret joke
The mermaid

These creations defy description let along photography so be certain to come for a visit to see them for yourselves. . .

Stocking 1
Stocking 2
Stocking 3

worldwide sing out of thanksgiving for Vicki’s contribution to my life, my home, my heart, my business, and this Forevermore holiday season!

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