Oh brother, when the creative juices begin flowing, the flood gates are opened to a fare thee well! This last month the holiday conceptualizing and decorating crew began to really GET IT! The basic elements of the 2022 holiday coalesced and we began with a first rough rough draft from Kim Smerek and an immediate “we’re IN” from Phillip and Andrew. Miss Vicki had already begun her spontaneous creation of the centerpiece element for the fireplace and while she continues to explain about how tickled she is, she refuses to throw us even the smallest tidbit of a bone – we can hardly wait for her wizardry.

Holiday 8
Holiday 9

So, the three of us gathered to review all options and make our choices – no stinkers here I assure you so it’s like we want one of EVERYTHING! (Get a load of Andrew’s t-shirt but please don’t tell him you think its funny.)

Holiday 1
Holiday 2
Holiday 3
Holiday 4
Holiday 5
Holiday 6
Holiday 7

A meeting of this magnitude and import deserves and demands celebration so the gents generously offered some vino, their homemade casera (exquisite), and their Meyer lemon marmalade which is simply toooooooooooooooo good.

Holiday 10 cropped

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